Universal Fairleads

TM503001L- 3-roller fairlead - Rev E
TM503002L- 4-roller fairlead - Rev E
TM503003L- 5-roller fairlead - Rev E
TM503004L- 6-roller fairlead - Rev E
TM503005L- 7-roller fairlead - Rev E
TM503006L-SRL- 8-roller fairlead - Rev E
TM503007L-SRL- 9-roller fairlead - Rev E
TM503008L- 10-roller fairlead - Rev E
TM503009L- Small_Large- Universal fairlead cover - Rev A
TM503010L- Small_Large- Universal fairlead cover with air-spring - Rev B
TM503011L- Small_Large Water tight cover for fairlead

A wide range of universal fairleads. Since a class item, Sales only to Shipyards / Shipowners

Tech-Marine Equipment design and produce a wide range of universal fairleads.

Today our product line covers fairleads with 4 - 10 rollers either in standard or customised configuration of :
◾Roller size,
◾Roller position,
◾Rope chaffing guards etc.

All fairleads can be delivered with covers.

Fairleads, can be offered you as follows:-
•based on your own design and technical specifications, incl. weight and surface protection.


•we carry out the design and technical specification based on our competence as consultancy work.

In each case quality procedure, supervision, class and transport etc. to be agreed to.