- It all began with ship building

Tech-Marine was founded in 1991, when Tech–Marine undertook the first independent contract for Kværner Kleven Norway for structural design and stability calculations of two series, total 10 vessels, of Reefer vessels to “Chiquita” Great White Fleet, USA - Gustav Erikson, Finland and J. Lauritzen, Denmark. Today Tech-Marine's knowledge is based on assessment of more than 500 vessels structural design.


In the following years, the number of assignment within the Maritime field continued and spread into Maritime support to civil works, and later on also to production of mooring equipment over prefabricated steel structures to supervisions in Poland.

Some of Tech-Marine milestones are as follows:

1991: Tech-Marine was founded.


1995-2003: Tech-Marine provides maritime support to all the main contractors behind the construction of the Øresund fixed link; a combined submerged tunnel and suspension bridge between Denmark and Sweden.

Similar Maritime support was provided to the construction of the Rion–Antrion Bridge in Greece.




 1996: Tech-Marine undertook the contract for design and production of two complete sets of folding hatch-covers for two multipurpose vessels for Chinese ship owners, the biggest folding hatch-covers in the world with Tech-Marine patented opening system. Today Tech-Marine is behind a large number of hatch cover designs.




1998: Tech-Marine signed its first contract for the production and delivery of mooring equipment to one of the world’s largest cruise vessels. Since then we have gained a market share of 42 % of the worlds cruise vessels.




2000: Tech-Marine signed contract for carrying out production drawings and production of ramps and platforms for 6 railway stations in Denmark.



2002: Tech-Marine signed contract for Nysted (Roedsand) offshore wind farm, the worlds second large wind farm, comprising of Maritime support, design and production of all moulds for the concrete foundations and production of all steel platforms, landing arrangements and guard rails.




2005: Tech-Marine signed contract for production of Harbour equipment for "Aden flour mill jetty" in Yemen






2007: Tech-Marine signed contract for Lillground Wind Power Plant, at the time the third largest in the world, comprising of Maritime   support and production of boat landings, access ladders and twin horn bollards.





Today the companies in the Tech-Marine group continue to grow as reliable and trustworthy partners to the main contractors within shipping and civil works which we are co-operating with.