The basic concept for Tech-Marine is to provide support, services and goods to the main contractors within shipping and civil works throughout the world.

For this purpose the Tech-Marine group is split in to the three independent companies; Tech-Marine Consulitng ApS, Tech-Marine Equipment ApS and Tech-Marine Construction ApS; each name reflecting the company's activity.

Tech-Marine Consulting ApS provides support and services on consultancy basis.

Tech-Marine Equipment ApS provides goods as a production company to the maritime sector.

Tech-Marine Construction ApS provides goods as a production company to the civil works sector.

Our production of goods is generally carried out in the former East Europe and primarily in Poland. This is due to the large capacities of the workshops and well skilled workers. Also the low production and manpower cost are of vital importance in order to be competetive on the world market.

Since 1996 we have developed our contacts and concepts for operating in the former East Europe based on our own contract and Quality Assurance system.

It is this expierence and knowledge we are offering our co-operators as supervision, service or on contract basis where Tech-Marine takes all risk.