End fastening for chains

TM508001L- End fastening for anchor chain DIN 81860 - Rev. B
TM508002L- End fastening for anchor chain - Rev. A
TM508003L- Chain stopper for 32-36 mm chain - Rev. A
TM508004L- Smit bracket (type oval end link) - Rev C
TM508005L- Bow chain stopper - Rev. B
TM508006L- Smit bracket (type pear end link)

End fastening for chains are produced according to IACS UR A2 (rev.3), IMO MSC 35(63)and OCIMF guidelines for mooring at single point. Since a class item, Sales only to Shipyards / Shipowners

The Tech-Marine Equipment end fastening for chains are being produced as following:
◾Smit bracket
◾End fastening for Anchor Chain
◾Chain stopper

End fastening for chains, can be offered you as follows:-
•based on your own design and technical specifications, incl. weight and surface protection.


•we carry out the design and technical specification based on our competence as consultancy work.

In each case quality procedure, supervision, class and transport etc. to be agreed to.