Rope Reels

TM504001L- Steel wire rope reel - Rev. A
TM504002L- Deack mounted rope reel - Rev. B
TM504003L- Bulkhead mounted rope reel - Rev. B

Deck or bulkhead mounted hand operated rope storage reels. Since a class item, Sales only to Shipyards / Shipowners

Tech-Marine Equipment designs and produces different types of storage reels for both synthetic and steel rope.

Over the years Tech-Marine Equipment have established a product range based on existing standards, own designs and even the two in combination.

The storage reels are as standard dimensioned to hold 200 m of rope. Should you wish different dimensions, workloads, mounting posibilities, handles etc. Tech-Marine Equipment is the partner to talk to.

Rope reels, can be offered you as follows:-
•based on your own design and technical specifications, incl. weight and surface protection.


•we carry out the design and technical specification based on our competence as consultancy work.

In each case quality procedure, supervision, class and transport etc. to be agreed to.