Deck and bulwark chocks

TM506001L- Multi purpose chock DIN 81915 shape C - Rev F
TM506002L- Multi purpose chock DIN 81915 shape A - Rev F
TM506005L- Triangular chock - Rev E
TM506006L- Triangular chock 400x500 - Rev C
TM506008L- OCIMF Type bulwark chock - Rev E
TM506009L- OCIMF Type deck chock - Rev E
TM506010L- DIN chocks type A with seat - Rev C
TM506011L- Water tight cover for DIN Chock A12
TM506012L- Weather tight cover for DIN Chock A12
TM506013L- Bulwark Chock 400x270 - Rev B
TM506014L- Bulwark Chock 600x450 - Rev B
TM506015L - DN 400 Shore connectionwith cover
TM506016L - DN 600 Shore connectionwith cover
TM506017L- Bulwark Chock 500x320 - Rev A

Standard chocks for installation on deck or in the bulwark according to IACS UR A2 (rev.3). Since a class item, Sales only to Shipyards / Shipowners

Based on well known standards Tech-Marine Equipment have their own casting production of multi purpose chocks.

Today the range covers following standards:


The chocks is delivered ready for installation directly on the deck or in the bulwark.

Based on your needs the chocks can be delivered installed on a steel foundation.

Chocks, can be offered you as follows:-
•based on your own design and technical specifications, incl. weight and surface protection.


•we carry out the design and technical specification based on our competence as consultancy work.

In each case quality procedure, supervision, class and transport etc. to be agreed to.