Tech-Marine Construction ApS

Tech-Marine Construction designs and produces steel structures for multiple purposes.



Tech-Marine Construction is a Danish independent company in the Tech-Marine group with their main office in a small former fishing village 50 km north of Copenhagen.
From here tasks like design, planning, production control, Quality assurance, development, sales and marketing are carried out.

Tech-Marine Construction aims at servicing the civil works industry in all aspects of steel structures: Project and design support, calculation, production and delivery.

Tech-Marine Construction has since 1996 produced steel structures primary in Poland.

Tech-Marine Construction offers production not only in regular black steel but also in aluminium, stainless steel, cast steel etc. all prepared with the surface protection specified by the customer i.e. galvanized, shop primed or fully coated.

Tech-Marine Construction have almost unlimited capacity and production facilities at their disposal enabling them to undertake multiple large quantity orders simultaneously and still meet the agreed time frame.

The constructions are delivered directly to the building site fully tested and certified, ready for assembly and mounting in compliance with the specifications.

Well skilled staff from our main office carries out supervision of the production.

Tech-Marine Construction has its own Quality procedure in compliance with recognised EN/ ISO standards and all workshops are certified.